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Society For Ecological Restoration (SER)

Founded in 1987, the Society for Ecological Restoration is a global community of restoration professionals that includes researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and community leaders from Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and the Americas.

The aim of the SER is to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.

The SER Primer presents a concise overview of the key concepts and fundamental principles upon which ecological restoration is based. With a wide readership from around the globe, the Primer includes the most widely-cited definition of ecological restoration and defines nine attributes of a restored ecosystem as the basis for determining when restoration has been successful. The document is currently available in ten languages : in French : ABCDaire de l'écologie de la restauration / in English : SER_primer

Two sections are organized around a theme rather than a region. Sections are run by a volunteer board and provide SER members with the opportunity to engage and share knowledge on a specific topic related to the field of restoration ecology :

  • International Network for Seed-based Restoration (INSR) : this network is a section of the Society of Ecological Restoration that brings together professionals, scientists, practitioners, students, industry, government and organisations such as botanic gardens from the international community who have an interest in promoting and enhancing seed-based solutions in restoration.
  • Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration : this section will provide a forum for exchanging ideas, approaches, lessons learned, and data relevant to the planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration programs.

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